Threat PBeM

Threat PBeM is run by Niklas Lindroth and new members can apply through the web site.

What is Threat?

Threat is a roleplaying game set in a fictive city in modern time. There are two groups of players.
     One group plays as the Steiner Construction Company's deadly "Agents". The other group plays
     as members of the brutal Snakebite gang. The groups works against eachother. The players will
     have to be innovative and fast minded. Everything they do must be done faster than their
     opponents. Be quick or be dead, shoot first ask questions later and keeping your head cool are
     the keywords to success. The players will be forced to cooperate with their comrades in the
     group to overcome problems and situations. They can also, if they wish, take contact with the
     NPC population as well for clues, hints and help.

Background to the Game

Six months ago the the cities largest company the Steiner Construction Company, or S.C.C as
     they are more commonly known as, started to tear down houses in the slum. S.C.C had been
     contracted to level the slum building a new and fresh industrial area. However the local gangs
     where making life tough for the construction company. The police did not have enough resources
     to go into the South side and clear the gangs up. So Stiener acted by their own.

     Clearing out the slums proofed to be a difficult task. The people who lived there really had
     nothing to lose.Horrible scenes where cabled out to the world from Gothica as the people of the
     slum where forced moved into camps outside the city or small apartments in the northern
     suburbs. But Steiner called it an "evacuation" as they said a dangerous chemical was leaking
     from one of the factories somewhere in South side. All tests performed by Steiner of course.
     What the cameras didn't catch was the summary executions of Gang members who refused to
     move. Except of the few hundred gang members that still where left, the South side had turned
     into a silent ruin city. Abandoned houses, empty gaping windows, large deserted factories and
     enormous assembly halls. All stood empty. South side quickly changed name to "Ghost town"

     Steiner hired in mercenaries, professional killers and other skilled craftsmen o death. In secrecy
     they started an undeclared war against the gangs at the South side. The first few weeks nothing
     really happened. A few gang leaders disappeared and their gangs where absorbed by other
     gangs but the gang leaders disappearances where explained in the media's as "Gang wars" or
     similar. Then Steiner put the pressure up. Steiner Corp now went after all gang members. The
     first week over fifty gang members where killed by the Steiner assassins, or "Agents" as Steiner
     Corp. Used to put it. Steiner played the gangs out against each other with infiltrators and false
     rumors. The Southside was now a burning war zone. The police had sealed off the Canyon
     bridge with road blocks as they waited for the situation to calm down. During this time the
     Steiner Agents effectively cleared out gang after gang, relatively undaunted by the raging conflict
     around them that they started. After the major cleanup the "Agents" just had a couple of gangs
     left active. Steiner decided to eradicate them before starting the "New future" project.