Character Name:    Henri Von Giffard

 Occupation:                 Noted ( well, I think I am noted) Inventor and Newly
                                   Initiated Mage

Position:                      Minister for Science and Technology for the Prussian Empire
                                  Director of the Prussian Institute of Science and Technology
                                  Ex-Earth Elemental, Member of House Taurus and Scorpio

Inventions:                Mobile All Terrain Attack Vehicle (MATAV)
                                   Combat and Scouting Airship (CASH)
                                   Giffard Gun
                                   Giffine Gun
                                   Metard - super strong, light weight metal
                                   Scuba Diving Gear
                                   Deep Water Diving Suit
                                   Heavier than Air Flight - Pegasus and Phoenix
                                   EXPLODE - long range exploding rockets

Inferno History:         Originally started off in a small workshop on the outskirts
                                  of London where my first Inferno invention was designed - the MATAV.
                                  This was funded with the help of La Donna. This completed I needed a
                                  place of production and chose Prussia. However, England and Prussia
                                  were in a state of war and England put a price on my head. Fearing the
                                  worse I fled around the world for a year with the help of my new found
                                  friend Albert De Bonvosion. With funding from Albert I then proceeded to set
                                  up a facility in New Mexico which served two purposes first as my new
                                  space center, and to allow access to meteors which had been landing in
                                  New Mexico. Unfortunately the Americans had moved them to a base at
                                  Roswell, New Mexico. The aim of the space center/ program was to
                                  send men into space to visit the moon and mars. With the cooperation of
                                  Comte Bertrand and his Italian Space Think Tank, we brought together
                                  the finest scientists the world could offer, these being Klaus Von
                                  Polzeig, Jim Dawson, Dr William Bang, Colonel Maguire, William Stone
                                  and some American friends. The project sent the first man to the moon,
                                  well men in fact, a whole group of us visited the moon and conversed
                                  with the Moon Men. However the space program hit the skids when
                                  the supply network went belly up. Also during this time I became
                                  interested in the world of demons/ entities and experimented with a
                                  new technique called Kirlian Imaging. This allow one to take pictures of
                                  entities, ghosts and the like - appearing as smudges on photographic
                                  plates. The work in this field made me want to find out more and eventually
                                  led to me becoming a member of house Scorpio. It was then that the
                                  cousin of the Kaiser,
                                  one Fritzy Von Essen offered my a post as director of his new Prussian
                                  Institute of Science and Technology. Finally I had found somewhere to
                                  call home after my many years of exile. I married a Prussian Lady,
                                  changed my name (added a Von), and learned Prussian, all this lead to
                                  my ministerial position. At the same time I became initiated into
                                  House Scorpio as a mage. My first task in this role was to refine the
                                  rituals that they used to summon entities. These rituals had been
                                  developed over many years, each mage adding to the ritual. I managed
                                  to streamline the rituals allowing the summoner to summon more
                                  powerful entities for the same energy.