Aberdeen FC Jokes

The SFA have had to step in to prevent Aberdeen's latest Sponsorship deal.
They had signed a deal with the pet-food firm Spillers, but a SFA spokesman
said that AFC running out with Winnalot on their shirts would breach the
Trades Descriptions Act.

Q: What's the difference between East Timor and Aberdeen's defence?
A: There are still a couple of safe areas in East Timor!;

Q: What have David Preece and Michael Jackson got in common?
A: They both wear gloves for no apparent reason.

Q: Why did Ebbe Skodhval go to Argos?
A: He knows it's the only way he'll ever get Premier Points!

Q: What's the difference between a Pyromaniac and Aberdeen FC
A: A Pyromanic wouldn't throw away all his matches!

Q: What's the difference between AFC and Pamela Anderson?
A: Pammy's got rid of her plastic tits!

Q: Why is Ricky Gillies like a Jigsaw?
A: They both go to pieces in the box.

Q: What's the difference between Aberdeen and an Albatross?
A: Same take-off speed, but an Albatross has 2 decent wings!

Q: What's the difference between a O J Simpson and AFC;
A: O J had some sort of defence.

Q: How can you tell when AFC are losing?
A: It's five-past-three on a Saturday.