Personal Turnsheet 1883

Henri von Giffard - Liam Mills


To all, from Mr Weaver: "May God, Truth, Faith and Hope be with us.


Spiritual language - Dawson sends word that he is too busy to send you his
results so far, much less attend himself, but fortuantely the Emperor has
sent some entities to snatch the knowledge from his brain. It seems he has
discovered a syntax, vocabulary and grammar for describing and enacting
magic, which is very concise and overlaps somewhat with your own research -
the entities only have parts of it, though, and you do not really
understand it properly. Dawson must have a very high order of brain, even
compared to your own.

Iscariot ritual - see handout.

Pyramid - see handout.

Summoning - you write to La Vey, who agrees enthusiastically and is
actually pretty useful during the preparation and on the day. See handout.

You attend the Comte's wedding, have PIST modify the EXPLODE, and hand over
control of Air Giffard and copies of all your weapons blueprints to the