Personal Turnsheet 1882

Henri von Giffard - Liam Mills


Air Giffard - goes pretty much as planned, see News. Business is not very
brisk - it seems international travel is not high on people's priority
lists with the current political tension. You draw heavily on your Fugger
bank account.

Phoenix design - you develop passenger and cargo variants, and improve
range and speed, with help from the PIST.

Totem - you find that the people who live in G'harne, in the neighbourhood
of the tomb, actually worship just The Iscariot itself, albeit in a rather
low-key, terrified way. They do not worship any of the ordinary gods of
other nearby African peoples, who uniformly loathe and detest them as vile
beyond belief. You do not know how you might be able to summon The Iscariot
to merge with you, as it is not an ordinary entity / spirit, and this would
almost certainly result in you getting horribly possessed by it, so
discretion may be the better part for now. You settle for summoning Father
Jackal,  the patron god of a tribe called the Kilongwe, who live about
fifty miles away, and binding him into yourself.

African adventure - you head down to G'harne under the auspices of the
Afrikaanse Companie and liaise with the Magister Militum (who has a small
army there). Together, with the help of the Kilongwe, you secure the area,
scaring off all the opportunistic scrap-metal merchants who had turned up
looking for easy profits, and you secretly tell your new African friends
that you will be back to help them further next year. Eventually Captain
Blakely turns up, shortly followed by Bishop Albrecht, a load of trainee
Pisceans, and a woman you do not know who seems to also be Piscean. They
are carrying Mr Derothshire with them, tied up in chains of star-metal. The
new woman tortures him for a while by nailing him to a tree with star-metal
nails, and prodding him with a piece of star-metal on a stick, and then
after what looks like a brief mental struggle she casts him down into the
excavated pit that lies at the centre of G'harne, which Graaf's troops have
been carefully lining with star-metal. The pit is sealed off, and everybody
heads back to Europe, happy in a job well done.